All Star Automotive: Summer Car Care Tips

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Summer is finally here, and you will want to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape for all your summer travel plans. It takes very little time and money to make sure your car runs properly during the summer months, and although breakdowns happen, you can help minimize them by taking a few extra preventive maintenance steps. Continue reading


All Star Automotive: Hot Pets Aren’t Cool!


We at All Star Automotive know how important your pets are to you- they’re a part of your family! Since they’re family, it’s often times fun to bring your pets along on a drive around time or road trip across the country. Just as you would your own children, you want to keep your pet safe, which is why we want to encourage pet safety when driving with your furry friend in tow. The warm weather is finally here, and although we love the sunshine and heat, our pets sometimes don’t. Continue reading

All Star Automotive: Road Trip Playlists

Road Trip

Spring is finally in full swing, and summer will be here before we know it, which is also a popular time of year for road trips. What’s the one thing you can’t do without on any road trip? A good playlist, of course! Whether you’re a fan of the classics or play today’s top hits on repeat, there are thousands of songs to choose from. To help you out, All Star Automotive has compiled the perfect playlists to keep you entertained for hours! Continue reading

Safety Tips for Driving in Summer Storms

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Summer is a season full of sunshine and fresh air, but it’s also time where some of the most dangerous storms can sneak up on you out of nowhere! Storms always have a level of danger to them, but when you’re stuck out in a downpour while on the road, the danger level always increases! It’s important to know how to react when a storm hits while you’re behind the wheel, so checkout the tips below to help you stay safe. Continue reading

Tips to Help Your Vehicle Survive Hot Temperatures!

SunshineWhen we think about taking care of the internal components of our car, we typically associate car problems with winter. However, heat can also push a vehicle past its limits. All Star Automotive recommends drivers address five key areas of their vehicle to ensure it survives the high temperatures. Remember, a safe vehicle means a safer you! Continue reading

Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

How do I Prepare my Car for Summer?

Hot summer months are very tough on the mechanical components of your vehicle.  Your cooling system has to work double time just to keep your engine from overheating, the tires need to work well on the hot pavement, and unless you like to sweat you want to make sure that air conditioner is in top shape.

It doesn’t take much to make sure that your vehicle is ready for summer.  Let’s start with the air conditioner;  if you don’t have enough Freon then it is not going to cool very well.  A good Freon charge will usually do the trick.  The technician willuse a machine like the one seen here to check the Freon and tell you if it needs charging.

Secondly you need to change out the oil.  Oil will run thinner when it is hotter, so you will need a higher viscosity oil in the hotter months.  If the oil you use is too thin, then your engine will not get enough lubrication.  Your owner’s manual will recommend the oil you should be using and you can also ask your service advisor.

If you had snow tires on your vehicle then you will need to swap those out.  Snow tires will wear out much faster on the hot, dry ground.  If you don’t use snow tires, then perform your regular maintenance on the tires by rotating and keeping the tires properly inflated.  Tires wear improperly when they are not inflated to the manufacturers specifications and they will get uneven wear if you do not rotate them so be sure and take care of this just as recommend.

Don’t forget to check all the fluids in the vehicle!  Radiator fluid and windshield washer fluid need to be checked and wiper blades should be replaced if worn.  Have you ever been in a thunderstorm with worn out wiper blades?  They either don’t clean the water off, or if they are really bad, they will go flying off.

I suggest if you are going on a road trip to have the belts and hoses checked out.  If you don’t know when they were replaced then it is an especially good idea to check this.  Check your battery and clean the corrosion of the post.  You should make sure you carry jumper cables with you in case you ever get in a bind.  I am always amazed when I people go running around yelling “do you have jumper cables” after they can’t start their car.  It is something my dad made me carry at all times.

Now some tips from my grandmother;  she was a huge believer in being prepared at all times.  So here is my grandmother’s advice.  You should always carry certain things in your vehicle in case you get stranded, including a flashlight, bottled water, small tools, a change of clothes (you may have to walk and if you are dressed up you will be happy for this), something to snack on and paper towels.