Nissan Leaf Winning the Electric Car Race

LeafThis time of year isn’t known for record electric car sales, but electric cars surprised everyone by holding their own in the month of May. The Nissan Leaf has been dominating the Chevy Volt for quite a while now, and has continued its dominance in May with its second-best month yet. Nissan sold 2,138 Leafs in May, up 319 percent over last year. In March, Nissan sold a record 2,236 units of its all-electric vehicle, which is still only 2 percent of Nissan’s total of 106,558 sales in May – also a new record for Nissan sales in May. Continue reading


Nissan: The King of Crossovers

Nissan ResonanceIt appears as though Nissan has raised the bar, yet again, on Crossover concept vehicles. The Japanese motor company has produced three Crossover concepts in just over a year in its NISMO Concept, Hi-Cross Concept and the TeRRA Concept. Now, with the recent introduction of the new Resonance Concept, Nissan can officially be crowned the King of Crossovers.

The Resonance was first revealed at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, and although Nissan has yet to announce, rumor has it that the Resonance is the next-generation Murano. Dimensionally, the Resonance is similar to the current Murano in every measurement; but that’s where the similarities stop. The Resonance features a panoramic glass roof, giant 22-inch wheels, a tinted translucent acrylic grille, and a blazing Flare Orange paint job. Nissan’s now-signature boomerang-shaped lights also make an appearance on the Resonance, although they’re more attractively stretched. Inspired by “the future of first-class space travel,” the Resonance boasts a sufficiently futuristic interior that is quite aesthetically pleasing. Continue reading