Road Trip Food Tips from All Star Automotive!

Son and daughter (6-10) helping father load luggage in back of cWith the arrival of summer comes a season of fun, sun and of course road trips! While all-day car trips are full of fun and adventure, if you’re not prepared, they can quickly turn into disasters. Part of a road trip preparation is ensuring that you are well-prepared with nutritious snacks and drinks- just because you’re stuck in the car for hours doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy! We’ve put together a list of excellent food-on-the-go tips to help you stay healthy and satisfied while on the road. Continue reading

All Star Automotive: Share Your Thanksgiving Food Favorites!

All Star Automotive: Share Your Thanksgiving Food Favorites!Thanksgiving has once again come and gone, and if you feel the same way we do, you wish the holiday lasted all year! We may be sad that one of our favorite holidays is over, but we can at least talk about the best thing about it, food. There’s nothing like a good Thanksgiving meal, which is why we put together a list of some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods we had this year! Which food on our list is your favorite? It’s a tough choice! Continue reading