Is Your Car Ready for Holiday Travel?

Many people don’t think  about getting their car ready for winter (or summer) until it is time to leave.  It may be too late at that point if you need a lot of work done on your vehicle.  Now is the time to schedule your vehicle’s checkup and make sure that no issues will arise while you are on the road traveling.

“…while modern vehicles don’t need conventional lubrication jobs, you need to check CV joint boots – rubber enclosures that surround constant-velocity joints on front and all-wheel-drive vehicles that connect the engine to the wheels – for cracks that can let lubrication out, dirt and water in” says Rennie Bryant of Redline Performance.

You will want to have the brakes inspected, the belts and hoses; fuel, oil and air filters, the cabin air filter; the windshield wipers and washer fluid; the tires as well as the spare tire needs to be inspected.  Make sure all lights works.  If you are traveling to a cold environment you may need to put antifreeze in the radiator.  Brake lines need to be checked, oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid need to be checked.  It may be time to rotate the tires as well.

All Star Kia of Baton Rouge East Service Dept.

Don't wait to have your Winter Check Up