What’s New and Not to Love About the 2013 Toyota RAV4?

2013 Rav4

The 2013 RAV4 was introduced to America in November 2012, and it’s become quite clear that Toyota has high expectations for this completely re-designed sporty SUV. You may have gotten a chance to watch the Game Day Toyota commercial featuring the 2013 RAV4 genie and her special wish granting powers. Although the 2013 RAV4 may not be an actual genie, it’s sure to grant all that you wish for in an SUV.

In a class that has become dominated by smooth, wind-sculpted designs, four-cylinder power, and conventional packaging, the RAV4 is an SUV that stands out with its angular styling, exterior-mounted spare, and optional V-6 engine. Having undergone its first major redesign since 2006, the 2013 RAV4 has expressive styling and a roomy, comfortable interior that is decidedly refined; but with agile handling and all-weather capability, it’s still ready for adventure whenever you are. Continue reading

Toyota is working to Give You a 24 hour Co-Pilot

All Star Toyota of Baton RougeToyota Motor Co. is turning heads at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada!  The feature event for Toyota was the presentation of their new experimental automated vehicle; the purpose of the vehicle is to create a virtual co-pilot for drivers. The virtual co-pilot isn’t the typical “self-driving” feature that comes standard in several high-end models from manufacturers such as Mercedes; instead it helps drivers avoid accidents. The automated vehicle featured in Las Vegas has sensors and automated systems to observe, process and respond to its surroundings. For Toyota, a truly safe and efficient vehicle means a car that is intelligent and attentive at all times to its surroundings, a literal co-pilot to drivers. Continue reading