Go Places More Efficiently in the All-New Toyota FCV!

FCVToyota is setting the next 100 years in motion with its all-new 2015 Fuel Cell Vehicle! The Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) has the same hybrid technology at the heart of the Prius, but with hydrogen and fuel cell stack. It only emits Water Vapor too! With a driving experience that’s on par with a gasoline engine, the 2015 Toyota FCV is not just the next movement in automotive technology, it’s the next big movement towards a better future!

So how does the first ever 2015 Toyota FCV work? It’s a simple science. The fuel cells powering the FCV generate electricity from hydrogen, which is a fuel that can be produced from a variety of renewable sources such as solar and wind power.

Sustainable mobility isn’t just a dream of Toyota’s, it’s a goal they’ve been working towards for the past twenty years in order to keep Toyota vehicles moving long into the future. Toyota developed its Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) in 1996, equipped with a fuel cell stack and hydrogen-absorbing alloy tank. From that milestone moment in 1996 to this present day Toyota has become the leader in Fuel Cell vehicle technology, leading up to the 2015 Toyota FCV that is set to debut on the road very soon! And since it doesn’t emit any CO2 whatsoever, Toyota is on track to ensuring a brighter future for all.

Be a part of the next revolution in sustainable mobility: The Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle. Stay updated on the first ever 2015 Toyota FCV by checking the All Star Toyota website regularly, and in the meantime, check out commonly asked Fuel Cell Vehicle questions below!

How does a Fuel Cell Vehicle work?

The fuel cell utilizes the same technology developed for our hybrid synergy drive systems but the gasoline engine is replaced with a fuel cell stack. Within the fuel cell stack, hydrogen combines with oxygen to produce electricity that powers the vehicle.

When will the public be able to purchase a fuel cell vehicle from Toyota and how much will it cost?

The fuel cell will come to market in 2015. Specific pricing will be announced closer to vehicle on-sale date.

How much will it cost to refuel the fuel cell vehicle and what is the expected range of the sedan-based vehicle?

The target range of the fuel cell vehicle is 300 miles. Hydrogen fuel pricing is in development but we expect the cost of operation to be similar to a gasoline vehicle.

Hydrogen has many positive safety aspects as a vehicle fuel – it’s non-toxic, lighter than air and less flammable than gasoline.

For the FCV, Toyota’s carbon fiber hydrogen tanks have undergone extreme testing to ensure their durability in a crash, including being shot with high caliber bullets.

In the event of a major accident, there are multiple safety systems in place to protect the tanks and overall vehicle.

How long has Toyota been working on fuel cell technology?

Toyota began development of fuel cell vehicles in 1992 and debuted its first fuel cell vehicle in 1996. The FCHV (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle) first hit the road in the U.S. in 2002, and is now on its third generation, the FCHV-adv. More than 100 FCHV-adv are participating in a U.S. demonstration program with partners including California universities, private companies and government agencies.

How many hydrogen-fueling stations are in the United States?

According to the Department of Energy, there are approximately 40-50 hydrogen-fueling stations across the United States. However, this includes a wide variety of “station” types, including private and fleet-only facilities. There are approximately 10 active stations in CA today.

How many hydrogen stations do you anticipate will be active and open to the public by vehicle launch in 2015? What about beyond 2015?

There are expected to be approximately 20 operational hydrogen stations in California by 2015. California is targeting the construction of 45 stations by 2016 and funding up to 100 total stations by 2024. Toyota will also continue to support efforts for infrastructure development nationwide.

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