Winterize Your Vehicle at All Star Automotive!

Winterize your Vehicle at All Star Automotive!Hail, sleet, snow, ice and subzero temps are all enemies of your vehicle and can do a lot of damage. 

Fluids are the lifeblood of your car.  If it’s liquid and is carried between your fenders, it needs attention.  Oil, coolant, brake fluid and washer fluid all need checked before turning into dysfunctional sludge in subpar temperatures.

Your car’s oil needs to be thick enough, clean enough and fresh enough to provide engine protection in the dead of winter. Brake fluid is hygroscopic….that means it absorbs water from the air over time.  In cold weather, that water can freeze in brake lines, making your brakes feel sluggish and damaging important seals and components.  The fresher the fluid, the better.

Wiper Blades.  This one is a no-brainer….if you can’t clear snow and ice from your windshield, you can’t see the road, if you can’t see the road, you probably won’t be able to stay on it.  The rubber on wiper blades ages quickly and tears easily when frozen, so be safe and have them checked for durability before they start their winter-workout.

Test your battery.  In deepest, darkest winter, few things are tested as much as your car’s battery.  Cold temperatures reduce a battery’s available cranking amperage, which limits the juice available for starting.  Compounding matters, cold engines are harder to turn over and often require more cranking time to fire, taxing your battery even further.  Is it any wonder most batteries give up under the influence of winter?  Have your battery professionally tested.  Replace it if its health is marginal.  You’ll be glad you did the first time you witness a stranded driver begging for a jump.

Check your tires. The three most important words in real estate are location, location, location.  Similarly, the three most important words in winter driving are traction, traction, traction…face it, good tires are the only thing standing between your car and the nearest ditch. During winter, ice, snow and cold-hardened rubber all conspire to keep your car from staying on the road.  It doesn’t matter how much power you have or how sophisticated your all-wheel-drive system is, when it comes to winter safety, it’s best to err on the side of caution and buy the most weather-appropriate tires you can afford. And that goes for your spare as well, nothing’s more disappointing then when you get a flat tire, reach for the spare and it’s in worse condition than the one that needs replaced.

Safety aside, now let’s talk about your vehicle’s vanity.  Unless you opted for a long lasting exterior vehicle protection like XZILON, there’s little you can do to protect the exterior of your vehicle from the elements.   However, if you do want to protect your beautiful factory installed carpeted floor mats from those same elements, we have a solution. Spring for all-weather floor mats…not only will they keep your carpets looking like new, but they’ll also increase your resale value when you decide to part with your vehicle.  Besides that, they’re just nice to have. They hold salt, large quantities of melted snow and they make your car feel like it was designed to conquer winter, instead of just putting up with it.

We at All Star Automotive are concerned with your safety and want to see you weather ‘Old Man Winter’ well. In order to give you peace of mind, our Service Department offers everything you need to winterize your vehicle!  Visit our website or call our Service Department today to schedule an appointment to “Winterize Your Wheels” and conquer winter with confidence.

Come and see why All Star’s integrity and extraordinary customer service will prove to be second to none. Whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle, we look forward to sharing our vast knowledge of the automotive industry with you, your family and friends.

At All Star Automotive, we offer a wide range of automotive services to make every step of your ownership experience as easy as possible, whether you’re shopping around, or need repairs from certified experts.

To help you find just what you’re looking for, our new inventory and used inventory search provides plenty of options. And when you’re ready, quick credit approvals and online financing help make your purchase go smoothly and efficiently. You can also schedule your service online and get the expertise of one of our factory-trained technicians. All these options are available at Baton Rouge’s favorite place to buy and service vehicles – All Star Automotive!


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