Driving Safety Tips: 5 Activities to avoid while driving!

You did your research and are feeling really confident about driving a vehicle with a great safety rating.  Your vehicle is equipped with an airbag system, electronic stability control, seat belts, head restraints, traction control, tire pressure monitoring and antilock brake systems.  While these are all excellent safety features and certainly safer than vehicles 20 or 30 years ago, humans still are the driving force behind these large pieces of metal.

All Star Automotive takes pride in selling vehicles with safety features and we care about the safety of our customers.  Therefore, we put together a list of activities for you to avoid while driving. They are not in any particular order of importance as they share equally in dangerous driving habits and we hope you consider not partaking in any of these activities while driving.

Words With Friends – This very popular word game has been said by many to be extremely addictive.  Who doesn’t know someone that was reprimanded at the office for playing instead of working?  Did you know there is even a support group for “Words With Friends Addicts?”  For your safety and others, we strongly advise, to put the game down while driving.All Star Automotive

Applying Makeup – Have you witnessed this?  We bet you have. Although many woman vehemently deny this action, a new study claims 43% have admitted “putting their face on” while driving.  Why not get up earlier and have the luxury of using a mirror that you can actually see in?  Vehicle mirrors are not equivalent to makeup mirrors and you might end up with lipstick for eye shadow. Just  sayin’.

Ipod – So you love rocking out to your favorite tunes while driving.  We agree there is nothing like singing at the top of your lungs moving down the highway.  You are frantically searching for Gangnam Style and drop your Ipod between the seats.  Now you are reaching between the seats, head down, arm stuck between seat and console.  You get the picture.  Perhaps pulling over at the next opportunity to retrieve your tunes would be safer.

Gangnam Style – Speaking of Gangnam Style – is this not just a fun dance that everyone is doing?  The video went viral and everyone from pre-schoolers to seniors has gotten into the action.  Dancing while driving, however, is a safety no-no.

Furry Friends – Let’s get real here. There is a reason our furry friends are not able to obtain driver’s license and therefore do not belong on our laps while driving.  We all love our pets and enjoy having them with us. It is safer for everyone however when they are in a kennel in the back seat while on road trips.

We hope you have enjoyed our Driving Safety Tips.  We have many vehicles with awesome safety features at All Star Automotive. Please visit our online inventory by clicking here or stop by 13000 Florida Blvd in Baton Rouge, LA to see our inventory.

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