The FR-S, a Scion and a Subaru?

FRS and BRZI think we can all agree that the new Scion FR-S is the coolest addition to the Scion family; the Japanese automaker is known for being a reliable and affordable brand with some unique product offerings. The FR-S, however, has taken Scion on a journey, as it’s Scion’s first true sports coupe. Rear-wheel drive is mated to a Subaru 2.0L Boxer engine and a six-speed manual transmission. Yes you read correctly, that’s a Subaru engine under the hood of this Scion. Subaru and Scion teamed up to produce two sports coupes, the Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ. It may be a bit of a surprise that the FR-S comes with a touch of Subaru, but combine that with Scion finishes and it makes for one serious Sport Coupe.

On the road this coupe is very nimble and athletic. The steering is responsive and you feel connected to the road. The clutch pedal is very responsive and enjoyable to use – it keeps you involved at all times. What you’ll love about the FR-S is the smooth and sleek design on the outside and the driver-focused interior with a great engine sound track; the engine and exhaust pair up beautifully especially above 4,000 rpm. The mechanical sound of the Subaru horizontal boxer four-cylinder combined with some explosive exhaust notes ensure you will push the RPMs close to redline time and time again. The 2.0-liter engine produces 200 horsepower with dual variable valve timing and a D-4S Direct & Port injection system. Basically, this is an advanced and powerful little engine designed to move this two-door coupe pretty quickly without the help of a turbo or supercharger.

2012-Scion-FR-S-sportOn the outside, the FR-S appears to be a purposeful sports coupe. A low stance, short overhangs and a rear wind diffuser containing dual exhaust pipes round out the exterior design. There are also circular LED tail lamps to compliment the smooth design.

The interior of the FR-S is very minimal with supportive racing seats, short throw gear shifter and simple, yet easy to read heating and air-conditioning controls. The steering wheel is very upright, but is the perfect angle since you’re seated lower than usual. A three-circle gauge cluster contains a tachometer in the center with a white background while the speedometer is left and temp/fuel gauges are to the right. The digital speed readout within the tachometer makes your RPM and speed easily viewable at a glance.

Even though this is a 200 horsepower, four-cylinder in a Scion body, it feels like a go-kart when you are slinging it around bends and clutching through the gears — it’s just plain fun! There’s no turbo or supercharger, just a small, tight sports coupe that loves to be driven hard — it’s a driver’s car. This is meant to be a sports coupe, not a family hauler; it fits the niche well and is a blast to motor around in!

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