All Star Automotive: “Are We There Yet?”

All Star Automotive wants to know if you have any big trips planned with the kid(s) this summer? If so, here are some tips to keep your whole family entertained without asking, “Are we there yet?” There are so many ways to have fun, learn something and make it to your destination in one piece.

Individual Activities

A great way to keep toddlers entertained is to purchase four or five new, inexpensive toys, wrap the toys like gifts, and give kids one to open every half-hour or hour. Kids love to unwrap presents, and not only will the unwrapping keep them entertained, they will also have something new to play with in the car. Some good toys to buy beforehand are crayons and coloring books, flash cards, or small puzzles that can be worked on a lap desk. These can also be used as rewards for being good in the car.

For preschoolers, bring Play-Doh and a workable surface, such as a lap desk or large book covered in waxed paper. Challenge kids to think of things they might see on the trip (palm trees, fish, Grandma’s dog) and create those things with Play-Doh. Parents could have a contest for the best creation, supplying a “prize” for the best one. Play-Doh can be a bit messy, but it may be worth the cleanup time to keep kids happy in the car.

Older Kids
A good idea for older kids is to buy a stack of crossword puzzles and word search books, playing cards, and comic books. Let them choose a few at a time, according to interest. Chapter books are always a good idea for kids who enjoy reading. They key is to buy something new specifically for the trip, so the interest level will be high.

DVDs and Video Games
This is a great option when the drive is not so scenic or it’s dark outside. If your Toyota is not equipped with the rear seat entertainment options, you can set up the following:

  • Transform your Camry or Sienna into the ultimate entertainment machine with a Genuine Toyota rear-seat entertainment system. Keep the kids engaged and the adults intrigued with this innovative system that lets your rear-seat passengers watch movies, play video games, listen to music and more. Call All Star Automotive to find out the options available in your vehicle.

  • Buy or borrow a portable DVD Player. You can set up the DVD player on the middle console of the front seat or set on the child’s lap.  Makes sure to bring a variety of movies and videos.  You can get free copies from the library or a friend. And also think about videos that educate your children about your destination or fun exercises. They can be entertained and educated at the same time.

Family Activities
Individual activities are fun, but part of the pleasure of a long car ride is the time spent together. Families today are so pressed for time, and often there is simply not enough time left over at the end of the day for bonding. Use travel time as a means of interacting and enjoying one another’s company.

Looking for a variation on the license plate game? Try playing the alphabet game instead. Challenge kids to find cars with model names that begin with A through Z. The only rule is that the cars must be found in alphabetical order. This is a fun game that could last for a while. Or start with naming an animal that starts with an “A” and have your kids take turns listing others for the rest of the letters of the alphabet. Establish a rule that you’ll skip over “Q” and “X”!

Use the time together to reminisce about favorite family memories. Does anyone remember the time Aunt Lucy accidentally dyed her hair purple? Or how about the time the Christmas tree fell over in the middle of the night? Use the time together to laugh and bond.

Other Family Games
Make a scavenger hunt of the trip and list a few things they should watch for. Some suggestions: Owls, old tires on the side of the road, weird sculptures/ landmarks and a vintage car. Reward kids with their favorite snack once they’ve found them all.

  • Counting Cows Car Game What’s the best way to count cows?  With a COW-culator of course! Here’s how to play the countin’ cows timeless road trip game, and some funny cow jokes to tell while you play. Give prizes out when you hit a milestone number.

  • License Plate Game Give them a printable page to check off each state license plate sightings!
  • Play Cards!  Old Maid & Crazy 8’s How to play classic card games your kids will love.

Find the games that work for you!

Have kids use the time to write postcards to friends and family members about the things they are seeing. This is a great way to share memories with others.

On the way to the destination, stop at gas stations in various cities and buy postcards. Kids can tell about the things they are seeing as they drive. Purchase postcards while on vacation and let kids write to grandparents and friends on the way home about what they saw. If friends and neighbors from home are going on vacation at the same time, kids can do a “postcard exchange” when they return home.

A little creativity and planning can cut down on the fighting and fussing and leave fond family memories of your time together — on the road and off. If you car looking for a new vehicle that is more accommodating for the family and long road, come on in and we can give you options that fit your day-to-day and road-trip needs.

Safe and fun travels from your friends at All Star Automotive!

At All Star Automotive, we offer a wide range of automotive services to make every step of your ownership experience as easy as possible, whether you’re shopping around, or need repairs from certified experts.

To help you find just what you’re looking for, our new inventory and used inventory search provides plenty of options. And when you’re ready, quick credit approvals and online financing help make your purchase go smoothly and efficiently. Then schedule your service online and get the expertise of one of our factory-trained technicians. All these options at available at Baton Rouge’s favorite place to buy and service – All Star Automotive!


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