How to Improve Gas Mileage

how to improve gas mileage

Nissan Versa

Everyone wants to know how to improve gas mileage in their car, right?

Where you live can definitely affect your cost of living but these days all of us are concerned about the gas mileage we get from our cars, with gas prices is most cities rising above $4 dollars a gallon. Of course these hefty gas prices aren’t going to stop most of us from filling up our cars; we’ll just wince every time we do ;).

The good new is that there are several ways you can make your gas dollars stretch, making driving a bit more affordable and it doesn’t involve rocket science or a huge amount of inconvenience. It’s all about doing the obvious like driving more efficiently, keeping your car in good shape, investing in a vehicle that has better gas mileage, and of course opting for walking instead of driving whenever possible (yeah, cause this will happen in Baton Rouge in the summer, right?).

Efficiency On The Road

Efficient driving might seem like a silly idea, but the fact is driving safe will help you get better mileage out of your car. Aggressive driving such as speeding, rapid accelerations and hard brakes will actually drain gas much faster than if you follow the rules and go the speed limit.

As a matter of fact, on the highway if you go the speed limit your travels will be over 30% more efficient, and you’ll be 5% better off mileage wise when it comes to driving around town in stop and go traffic.

Lighten Up the Load

Make sure you lighten up the load you’re caring in your vehicle if gas mileage is a concern. Extra heavy items kept in your vehicle can end up increasing the amount of gas used to the tune of about 5% per 150 pounds. Eliminate as much extra weight as you can, and make sure to have the weight distributed as evenly as possible in order to get the best gas mileage.

Up To Date Car Maintenance

Keep up with your car maintenance schedule. Having a properly tuned engine will improve mileage by around 5%. It’s a known fact that if there is a problem with your car’s engine it can reduce your gas mileage efficiency by over 30%.

It’s a known fact that keeping your vehicle running like a fine tuned machine will save you more money in the long run than what you’d be throwing away on high gas prices. You’ll also want to check your tires and keep them balanced, as well as make sure you have the proper amount of motor oil in the car. These steps alone can save you over 20 cents a gallon!

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Invest In a Gas Efficient Car

Consider purchasing a gas efficient car. The difference between a vehicle that gets 20MPG and one that gets 30MPG can end up saving you around $900 a year in fuel costs.

At All Star Automotive, we have dozens of new and used cars that get over 30mpg. Check them out by clicking cars that improve gas mileage.

Plan Ahead

If a new, gas efficient car isn’t in your immediate future, plan your trips ahead of time! Make an effort to get more done in one trip, cutting back on drive time. Taking frequent, short car trips cause unnecessary wear and tear on your car, along with affecting your gas mileage. Planning out your trips and walking whenever possible will end up saving you loads of money on gas and will be good for both your health and your wallet.


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