Take me For a Ride Jay

Have you ever just wanted to go out and spend money on a car that you absolutely have no use for other than to drive around and look good  in it.  Jay Leno has a lot of awesome cars!  I would like to have some really awesome cars  that I can pull out and drive when I get a wild hair.  Like a 1930 Roadster with a 331 Chrysler Hemi.   Awww this sounds like my kind of car.  Can’t you picture yourself rolling down the streets in the 1930’s with your fur coat on and your friends in the rumble seat.   They may call it a muscle car now but it was just hip back then.  Yep I can see myself in one right now.  I love to watch old movies and that car makes me think of Mickey Rooney in the Andy Hardy series.   He drove a 1931 Ford Model A Roadster that he bought with $12 down but $8 still to go.  (The economy certainly has changed!)

Wonder if Jay will take me cruising in one of his many rockin’ rides.


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