Save on Gas Mileage at All Star Automotive!

Gas MileageWith the cost of gas steadily increasing many drivers are constantly reconsidering their driving habits to try to improve their gas mileage. We’ve compiled ten tips to help you get the most out of your next fill-up.  If you have any other tips you would like to contribute please comment below and we will add them! Continue reading

All Star Automotive: How to Read Your Tire Size

TireEver looked closely at your tires, and wondered what all of the letters and numbers on them mean? All of that information is actually very important in maintaining your tires! Below is a breakdown of each number and letter combination, and what they mean. Continue reading

All Star Automotive: Assembling Your Travel Car Kit!

Broken DownWhether you’re driving a mile from your home or traveling across the country, we’ve all had some kind of emergency while on the road. Emergencies can range from spilling your coffee all over your seats to running over a nail, to forgetting to fill up your tank and running out of gas! Unfortunately, you can never fully predict what will happen to you while behind the wheel, but there are several things you can store in your car that will make emergency situations a little less stressful, and could even save your life. Below is a list of in-car must haves for you to have every time you hit the road. We hope you never actually have to use these, but if the time ever comes, we want you to be as prepared as you can be! Continue reading

The Rugged TRD Pro Toyota Models at All Star Toyota!

It’s no question that the vast number of Toyota trucks and SUV’s at All Star Toyota are most definitely some of the most rugged and reliable on the market! However, Toyota has raised the bar with it’s new TRD Pro models.

Continue reading

My Car’s Worth What? Factors that Affect the Price of your Vehicle

When looking to buy your next car or sell your current vehicle, there are factors that will affect the price. These factors can range from being under your control, like condition, to out of your hands, like economic climate. Keep these points in mind when looking to buy or sell for your best price. Continue reading

Put Your Tax Refund to Use at All Star Automotive!

Uncle SamWith many of you anticipating the arrival of your tax refund you’ve probably already considered what you will do with the money. Maybe you’ll plan a vacation or upgrade your TV, but what about trading in your car for a new one? Ask yourself, what’s more important than having a safe, reliable vehicle? Continue reading

Graco Child Seat Safety Recall

Graco SeatIf you’re a parent who uses Graco car seats, listen up! Graco made a recent announcement that it’s recalling 3.8-million units from model years 2009 to 2013. The concern is that children can become trapped in the car seat, which poses major safety threats if you were to ever be in an accident with your child in the back seat. More details on the malfunction are below. Continue reading

Vehicle Maintenance 101: Wiper Blade Care

WipersIf you’ve ever tried to drive through extreme weather conditions with worn wiper blades, then you understand the importance of caring for this often overlooked aspect of car maintenance. Worn wiper blades can be dangerous because if they aren’t doing the job they’re made to do by giving you an unobstructed view of the road while driving, how will you be able to safely drive in the rain or snow? Freezing temperatures make the rubber in your wiper blades hard and brittle, which increases their tendency to crack or tear; hot weather warps the rubber and prevents the blade from wiping your windshield cleanly. Continue reading

All Star Automotive: Hear From A Happy Customer!

All Star Automotive ReviewHere at All Star Automotive we pride ourselves on excellent customer service! It’s our number one priority to ensure that every customer that walks through our door or visits receives the best sales and service experience from beginning to end. We always love getting reviews and recommendations from happy customers and whenever we receive a review that especially stands out, we like to highlight it. This week, we’d like to share a 5-star review from a very satisfied customer of All Star Toyota of Baton Rouge! Continue reading